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Shopify theme lookup: What theme every Shopify store is using

Judging a book by its cover is not forbidden these days. It is totally accepted that people are attracted to what looks more pleasing to their eyes. 

So if you are about to choose a Shopify theme for your Shopify store, making the right decision may seem so confusing right now. But worry not for we are here to take a look at some of the Shopify stores with the most popular Shopify themes out there and make it much easier for you to decide. Let’s begin at the beginning.


How to find Shopify stores themes


Let’s say when you are looking at different stores for inspiration, a Shopify store’s design catches your eyes and then you need to find out the theme’s name. How are you supposed to do it? 

In the following lines, you will learn about two easy ways to find Shopify stores’ themes.


With Shopgram


On the Stores page of Shopgram, you can simply search the name of the store you want to know the theme of in the search toolbar, then click on that store’s name in the results.


You will see the information of that store on a separate page including the theme they are using on their website.




This method is also very simple and will take 30 seconds of your time. All you need to do is to go to the store’s website and when you’re on the store just right-click anywhere on the page and then click on “inspect”. This will bring up the page source. When you see the page source, hit Ctrl + F so you can search, and then you just need to type: Shopify.theme. The name of the theme will be shown then.


Now let’s take a look at the most popular Shopify themes and see what the stores using these themes look like.


Shopify store winning products

5 Shopify stores with debut theme


 Well, the most popular Shopify theme is the Debut theme since it is the default theme when you first enter Shopify and start building your store. Shopify stores with debut theme look quite simple so it can be a good choice for your store if you’re looking for a simple interface to present your products. Let’s take a look at some of the Shopify stores that are using the Debut theme at the moment.


1. Hot Headstalls



Hot headstalls is one of the Shopify stores with Debute theme. Starting in 2016, this store is all about unique and affordable horse tack. The owner, Olivia, cares so much about the quality of the material and creates all of the products by her own hands.


2. Watch Garage Porto



Watch Garage owners have a passion to unearth interesting, obscure, and exceptional vintage watches. To offer only researched, carefully sourced, and authenticated watches. They also have a collection that offers exquisite straps, parts, and collectibles. They provide many services to maintain and restore your precious timepiece. And the most important thing is that Watch Garage as well is using the Debut theme.





Yourstuffmade is an ethical, artist-owned product manufacturer and sourcing agency, changing how brands, events, and artists turn ideas into quality products.

Based internationally across Melbourne, London, Los Angeles, Shenzen, and Manila, they empower local manufacturing and global delivery. Their ethical culture, local service, and high product quality allow them to power global companies, brands, and events to allow them to shine. 


4. ErgoTune



Here we have a Shopify store specialized to bring you comfort. The only product Ergo Tune sells is a kind of ergonomic chair for those who sit for long periods of time in a day. 


5. One Cellar Hong Kong



One Cellar is your drinks curator, bringing specially selected wines and spirits for you, and for the right occasions. If there is a specific bottle you are looking for, they will find you the right price so that you would be happy while you drink it.


5 Shopify stores with Brooklyn theme


The Brooklyn Shopify theme is the second most used theme by Shopify stores worldwide. It is also supported by Shopify itself. For most new and smaller shops starting with Shopify, the elements and customizations are limited, but they do the job. Let’s see a few Shopify stores with Brooklyn theme.


1. YShopY



As it shows, what we have here is a women’s clothing store. This Shopify store is using Brooklyn theme at the moment which works for their store’s simple design and displays their products effortlessly nice.


2. Micklagaard



Back in 1993 Jan and Anette established Micklagaard, starting out with the production of fur garments. Micklagaard is the Viking name for Konstantinopel. 

Nowadays they produce warm clothes made of wadmal. Wadmal is a wool fabric that kept Vikings warm when crossing the Atlantic Ocean in ancient times. It’s extremely wind and water-resistant, yet breathable and quick-drying, soft, and comfortable.


3. Table Melody



The other Brooklyn user Shopify store is Table Melody. This store sells kitchen stuff and everything you need to cook and eat. The simple design of the theme helps the customer see more of the beauty of the product pictures.





Kahlily is a fashion store that uses the Brooklyn theme on its website. Their products vary from women’s clothing to kids’ toys to household stuff. 


5. Biro



To change the way the world views the basics of menswear, biro stems from the need for original designs in men’s fashion, with a philosophy that true craftsmanship is expressed through individuality, passion, and style.

The minimalist approach in design keeps the focus of the brand on quality, combining carefully sourced premium materials from around the globe with precise tailoring from artisans in Japan.


5 Shopify stores with Minimal theme


According to our study of Shopify stores, the Minimal Shopify theme is the third most popular Shopify theme. If you’re looking for a clean and straightforward theme that can make the purchase process easy for all your visitors, Minimal is for you! Here are 5 Shopify stores that are using the minimal theme for their websites.


1. Aspenname


Aspenname is a global online store that delivers the latest fashion apparel for customers. They have dresses, tops, bottoms, and swimwear for men and ladies. Thousands of products in different styles are waiting for you on their website. 


2. Raise



Raise was created in 2015 by three Peruvian entrepreneurs in the city of Lima, Peru. Tired of spending their free time without performing any productive activity, they decided to open their own brand of polo shirts for men. Since its inception, the main purpose was to capture its essence in all its products in order to be recognized as a young, fun brand inspired by comfort.


3. Missus Sedas



Missus Sedas, the third Shopify store with the Minimal theme we want to take a look at, sells colorful silk strings for cross stitching and knitting. And since the whole store is about colors and texture, a theme like minimal is a perfect choice here.


4. AusBoots



The uggs AusBoots sells are all Australian made, with Australian sheepskin, by Australians. They have made sure that their manufacturers in both Victoria & NSW, carefully select only the highest quality Merino sheepskin, durable rubber & hard-wearing thread, to craft their boots. Each pair of ugg boots is handcrafted with an exacting degree of care, diligence, and expertise, right down to the finest detail.


5. Retromimi



Retromimi is created by a group of boys and girls that grew up at the height of the 8-bit home video game console craze of the ’80s and ’90s. They have cherished memories of their childhood playing classics on the GBA, SNES, etc. Now They are grown and it’s getting harder and harder to play these games on original equipment as everything eventually breaks. Their goal is to share their love of these great games by making them accessible to everyone and bring those retro games back to life with an amazing vivid screen, an ultra-portable form factor, and extended battery life.


5 Shopify stores with Venture theme


Over 25,000 Shopify stores are using the Venture Shopify theme. Filtering and product categories make this a great free choice for store owners who have more than 10 products.


1. Empire Toy Shop



Empire Toy Shop specializes in 6″ action figures and sells them to toy collectors in the USA and Canada. The theme they use for their online shop is Venture which seems a little less minimalistic than the other Shopify themes we saw. This theme can be a good choice for you if you’re not looking for a totally simple theme.


2. Gravity Outdoor Company



Established in 2007, Gravity is an apparel company with a passion for exploring the outdoors, friendship, and giving back to the community. They give 10% of their profits back to the national parks. With each purchase, you are supporting the preservation of the parks for future generations. This is their motto: together we will make a difference!


3. The Fitting Bay



The Fitting Bay is a place for those who love to give their car a touch of smart. You can find android displays, adapters, and phone chargers on their website. No matter what the brand of your car is, they’ll always offer a solution.


4. Harvey Cedars Marina



Harvey Cedars Marina has been in existence since the mid-1950s. They carry everything from small parts and marine accessories to sailboats, kayaks, standup paddleboards, and water sports accessories.  HCM has the largest selection of parts and supplies on Long Beach Island for all of your sailing and boating needs.  HCM also provides service and maintenance for most power boats under 23 feet and sailboats under 21 feet.


5. CAC Associates, Inc.



Reloading Supplies, ammunition, trap sales and service, reloading equipment, CAC carries all of your shooting, hunting, and reloading needs. The brands they have include White Flyer Rio, Remington, Federal, Aguila, Winchester, Estate, RCBS, Hornady, Nosler, Sierra, and many more!


5 Shopify stores with Supply theme


One of the most popular Shopify themes for stores with more than 100 products is Supply. This theme is ideal for stores with a large number of products, as stated in the Shopify theme store itself. Adding products, managing navigation, and adding photographs are easy and straightforward with Supply theme.





VICTORIOUS was established in 1991 to meet the demands of style-savvy customers. L.A.-born, minority-led, they are a global street-wear brand that views fashion as an affordable lifestyle. The brand believes in premium-quality garments without the luxury price tag.


2. Nikita Mhaisalkar



Nikita Mhaisalkar Label signifies the finesse and the versatility of every global woman, signifying itself from making traditionally worn Kaftans a piece of fine luxe, in the Middle East to edgy silhouettes and haute couture evening wear!





TODDER handcrafts produces high-quality leather goods in its New England workshop. On their website, you can find handmade leather belts, bracelets, dog collars, leashes, and more.



4. dress San Francisco



As the name suggests, this Shopify store is all about women’s wear. Dresses, tops, jackets, sweaters, skirts, jewelry, accessories and everything needed to rock a style can be found on their website.


5. Kaiko Clothing Company Oy



Another clothing store for ladies and children is on the list of Shopify stores that are using Supply theme on their websites. Kaiko Clothing Company offers ethically made clothing to the customers, of which they direct 7% of their income to train women in developing countries.


Wrap up


Choosing from a variety of pre-made themes is one of Shopify’s advantages. Beginner merchants, however, often have difficulty choosing a suitable theme for their specific niche. This problem can be solved by reviewing similar online stores, selecting the one with the best design, then downloading its theme from the brand’s official store.

You can use either of the two methods we discussed in this post to identify what Shopify theme a website is using. If you are looking for more Shopify themes, take a look at our article about the most popular Shopify themes.


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