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A definitive guide to creating the best back-in-stock flow (A deep dive with 10 brands)

Have you ever faced a product you wanted to purchase so bad but it was out of stock? Remember that feeling of disappointment? That is how your customers feel when that one popular product in your store is out of stock.

But how can you avoid this situation? The first step is to know that an unavailable product causes the shoppers pain. They leave your store and the chances they come back again is almost zero. If you are here, then you already know about the first step. 

The second step is to recognize the popular items in your store. You must be aware of those products that go out of stock regularly and the number of people who would wait for the product to be available again. And it all is not possible without a small “Notify me when available” button. 

Adding this button to your out-of-stock product pages gives both you and your customers what you want. For you, it’s the lost sales. For your customers, it’s that product they were looking for everywhere.

So now that you know the basics, let’s dive deeper into some of the successful Shopify stores that have been using this method for some time. Let’s see how they do it, improve it, and redo it in your online store. 

After all, building a successful eCommerce business in the great world of eCommerce is all about inspiration and creativity, isn’t it?


10 successful Brands with the best back-in-stock flow


1. Just Cruizin

Just Cruizin out-of-stock product page

Just Cruizin is a family business. It was founded a few years ago by a couple. The couple was fond of nature and simple life. So Cruizin was born With a pair of scissors, a roll of cotton muslin, and a dream. Their clothes are the perfect combination of simplicity, and style embodying a kind of nostalgic yet timeless style. 

Well, the comfort they seek for their customers is not just limited to the clothes they produce. Even the look of the website brings that comfort to the eyes. And what matters to us the most is that Just Cruizin offers customers the famous “Notify Me” button.

Just Cruizin back-in-stock email

And when the product is restocked, they send a simple yet inspiring message to the waiting customers. “We have good news.” that’s how they start their back-in-stock alert message to create curiosity. And they end it with a little bit of FOMO: be careful dear customers, you may miss it again!



2. RoseParis

RoseParis out-of-stock product page

Ecommerce experts suggest that if you are looking for, well, one of the keys to the gate of success, sell what you love! RoseParis was founded by a fashion-obsessed woman who shares her everyday looks on her Instagram account. Then one day she probably asked herself: why don’t I sell what I’d love to wear? And RoseParis was born. 

Since the store is all about women’s wear, the website’s look and feel represent femininity as well. 

And more importantly, the customers got the option of being alerted in case an out-of-stock product gets back in stock.

RoseParis back-in-stock email

As the name of this Shopify store shows, the owner is a Parisian. That’s why the email’s language is french. But no worries. Our good old friend Google Translate told us that it means: 

“You’ve been waiting for it and… {{title}} is back in stock!

See you soon in the store”

This is a tiny friendly message to remind customers how much they wanted that beloved product. Making things a little emotional can touch the shoppers’ hearts and bring them back to the store. Look at that tiny heart emoji at the end of the message. Customers’ heart is what RoseParis aims for.



3. Zeitloschoen

Zeitloschoen out-of-stock product page

Zeitloschoen is a german Shopify store 28-year-old Maresa. she has been passionate about fashion and accessories her whole life. What did I tell you about when your passion turns into your job?

So long story short, Maresa starts a small clothing shop and gets noticed very soon. “I could never have dreamed that the shop would do so well and be so well received in such a short time,” says Maresa. 

After all, nothing is impossible when you got the passion and the “Notify Me” button.

Zeitloschoen back-in-stock email

If you are looking for a translation, don’t. I did look for it before and it says:

“{{title}} is now available!

Get yours now before it runs out of stock again!”

So not very much to talk about in the case of Zeitloschoen’s back-in-stock email alert. They kept it simple.


4. Lot

Lot out-of-stock product page

The word Lot means fate. And fate is what brought the founders of this Shopify store together. 

In the first lockdown, Jody and Marieke had enough time to make their old dream of starting a women’s wear store come true. That’s how Lot was created- another example of a successful online store using back-in-stock alerts.

Lot back-in-stock email

Since Lot is a dutch online store, and some of us are not dutch, here is the translation of their Email alert:

{{title}} is now available!

Get it now before it goes back in stock!



5. Uneffected

Uneffected out-of-stock product page

Unaffected is the result of years of experience in the clothing industry, design, management, sales, and cooperation with many worldwide known companies and brands. 

When some sizes of a product are unavailable a button appears on their product page that says: “Notify me when my size is available” so that the customers can join a size waiting list. 



6. She Street

She Street out-of-stock product page

This is the place for women who want to express themselves and feel comfortable at the same time. The perfect fit for anyone who prefers a relaxed fit, a touch of edge, and believes leopard is a neutral color!

She Street back-in-stock email

And when it comes to their back-in-stock message, they sound energetic and they speak in a super friendly manner as well. After all, who doesn’t enjoy being called gorgeous?



7. SparklesnMoreCo

SparklesnMoreCo back-in-stock email

Hey guys! Guess what? The 7th Shopify store we want to take a look at sells cute crafty little things. From cute badges to glitter pens, T-shirts to keychains. And they know, for sure, that their target audience are cute people as well. So look at their back-in-stock email and how it matches the vibe. When writing a copy, It’s always important to know who you are writing for.



8. Snitch

Snitch out-of-stock product page

SNITCH, our award-winning Indian Shopify store, creates clothes for the fashion-forward modern man, bringing inspiration from around the world. In response to the latest fashion trends, they design styles for men with an unconventional style ethos.

If the winner of the “brand of the year” award is using a “Notify Me” button, well you need to do it too.



9. Bayu The Label

Bayu The Label out-of-stock product page

Bayu is another women’s wear online store on our list that sells swimwear, sarong, towels and bag, sun care, and anything you need to have a fun summer day on the beach. When it comes to swimwear, the size really matters. Cause you want something flattering for that summer body. So what happens when Bayu’s customers find that their size is out-of-stock? They see a button that promises them the item they want will be available in their size soon. 



10. Sweety Closet

Sweety Closet out-of-stock product page

We are going to finish this list with another french store- Sweety Closet. When a product is not available on their website, the “tell me” button appears. And when the product gets back in stock, the following email will be sent to the customers:

HELLO, we have good news!

{{title}} is available again.

Shop it now before it’s sold out again.”


Wrap up


The process of creating a back-in-stock email can be delicate. You need to make sure you’re sending your customers the right message. Moreover, you should avoid appearing desperate or pushy.

You can create your emails quickly by looking at back-in-stock apps.