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25 Print on demand Shopify store Examples That Will Inspire You in 2022

It is no surprise that in the world of eCommerce, Print on Demand is one of the fastest-growing fields.

You don’t need to invest in inventory or manage logistics in order to put your products in people’s hands quickly.

Also, it offers a wide range of benefits to both store owners and shoppers.

A physical product can be an effective canvas for monetizing your creativity, no matter if you’re an artist, writer, designer, or entrepreneur.

You can market everyday products online – from t-shirts to backpacks to books – putting your own unique spin on them. On the other hand, you may have a pile of products that aren’t selling if you go the traditional route and purchase and hold your own inventory.

During the past four years, the print-on-demand (POD) industry has grown by 12%. Moreover, a recent survey conducted by Printful found that 50% of the owners of print-on-demand stores saw sales grow over the course of 2020.

So if you want to start this business, here we gathered 25 successful print-on-demand Shopify store examples for you to get a better sense of this industry.


What is Print on Demand and how does it work?


You might have seen that your friends own backpacks, shirts, shoes, water bottles, mugs, or other items that looked the same but had different “brand” names printed on them. This is because the product is a customized white-label product with the seller’s unique brand logo. 

We call this printing or creating a customized design for the same product, and selling it under your brand name, Print on Demand.

It is very easy to understand how print on demand works. The store accepts orders for specific products via this type of fulfillment service. If you sell a custom t-shirt online, the job is handed over to a third-party provider who prints and packages the product, then it goes into shipping mode and into the customer’s hands.

An eCommerce company manages the beginning of the transaction in this type of fulfillment services setup. Following the initial sale, the print-on-demand business manages the rest.


Shopify store winning products

The list of 25 Print on demand Shopify store examples


The first thing you can do to make your way to success is to find out how others have done it before you. 

Print-on-demand business is not an exception either. So let’s take a look at the top 25 Shopify print-on-demand stores.


1. Iconick


Iconick store looks like an art gallery at the first glance. You can spend hours in their stores looking at motivational or inspirational modern canvas art prints and order them for your home, office, or gym. Those who appreciate modern artists’ works and like to have a piece of their art on their favorite wall find the idea behind this store is very charming.




Made in Spain, on-demand, Alohas have managed to walk the line between perfectly on-trend clothing, shoes, and accessories that you want to keep forever. Besides all the categories that can be found in their store, there is a specific section for vegan shoes for those who care about what they wear being cruelty-free. And it’s clever to show that as a store, you care!


3. Underground Printing


With Underground Printing’s Design Studio, it’s easy to design t-shirts online! You can design your own shirt, or use their experienced custom apparel designers for your business, organization, or event, many with no minimums.

The same characteristics that set them apart then are the reason they are one of the premier custom apparel providers now: an emphasis on customer service, quality, and convenience.


4. ElephantStock


“Where your passion for art comes to life.” is how they describe their online art gallery. With a wide selection of stunning wall art in a variety of styles, colors, and layouts, you are sure to find your own special piece of art. They appeal to their customers through high-quality products, excellent service, and affordable prices. By teaming up with world-renowned artists, they support their art and help bring unique artworks into the customers’ homes.


5. Willow Soul


The inspiration for Willow Soul started with the 11:11 signs. The creator is a spiritually-guided healer based in the United States. With 20 years of experience in the online publishing industry, she gave birth to Willow Soul. Their vision is that Willow Soul is a gateway to peace and human kindness through angel number guidance. 

Also, they believe that Willow Soul spiritually guides those newly awakened souls to find clarity in their human journey through angel number guidance.


6. Wear Your Opinion


Wear Your Opinion was born out of this very idea. Till 2013, Indians lacked a store that made T-Shirts that reflect their opinions. Hence, WYO came into being. Their philosophy is just as simple- life is short, don’t spend it wearing something you don’t like and something that doesn’t reflect your inner self. WYO aspires to be your go-to store whenever your heart demands for Quirky Graphic T-shirts. They curate all your favorite designs and make them available on their t-shirts.


7. Canvas Freaks


If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions: “How can I make my home cool and unique, without breaking the bank?”, “How can I WOW people who come over with awesome decorations?”, “How can I express myself with art that shows who I am?” Canvas Freaks is the right place for you.

Unique Wall Art. Home Decor. Custom Prints. That’s what Canvas Freaks is all about.

Canvas Freaks’ mission is to transform your home into a unique sanctuary that highlights who you are and oozes a feeling of comfort, smooth vibes, and good taste.


8. Printy Pets


Printy Pets is a custom pet goods brand dedicated to helping you show your love for your pet in a fun and unique way. Whether that be in the form of blankets, hoodies, phone cases, or something less obvious like a doormat, towel, or coffee mug. Printy Pets has created portraits for over 120,000 pets so far, and they’ll continue to do so until pet parents get tired of showing off their beautiful fur babies that is so unlikely to happen.


9. Dragonfly Botanicals


This Shopify print-on-demand store, Dragonfly Botanicals, is passionate about sourcing the purest plant-derived ingredients. Their philosophy is that simple is better….just as Mother Nature intended. They create simply the products that are good for you and our planet. They believe that if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.


10. The Feminist Vibe


This brand was founded to spread the feminist vision. They believe intersectional feminism originated from a simple but powerful idea: that everyone should have the same rights, resources, opportunities and protections. So being a feminist means that you too have a strong moral and ethical compass that guides you through life. 

The Feminist Vibe is a brand that connects people through a common vision; making the world a better place for everyone that lives on this earth. 


11. Open Edition


Open-Editions works with contemporary artists to manufacture, wholesale, and retail products that bring art to your daily life. Their goal is to provide artists with passive income in the form of royalty payments and to provide customers with meaningful objects that tell a story about these artists.


12.  Hello Merch


Worldwide full-service merchandise company, started in 2008 as an outlet for bands, musicians, creative artists, and businesses to manufacture and sell merchandise anywhere, without giving up their rights. Flat rates. No contracts. Just merch.

High-quality, affordable prints with traditional, water-based, discharge & specialty inks.  Plus neck tag prints, embroidery, promotional items, custom blank sourcing, and much more! These are what you’ll find in Hello Merch.


13. Pop Chart


Pop Chart makes infographic posters about everything from literature, to alcohol, to sports, to nature, to music, to TV, to movies, to comics, to gaming, to fashion, to architecture, to coffee, to cameras, to graphic design, to maps, to technology, to sentence diagrams of opening lines of notable novels, to cheese, to beer, and whatever you can think of.  They turn everything to cool infographics you would enjoy seeing on your wall.


14. TAMGA Design


This POD Shopify store by Eric and Yana Dales was birthed while they were in Bangladesh, where they met while doing humanitarian aid work. 

After seeing what the larger players in the fashion industry were doing, draining the environment and social fabric through labor conditions, and using fast, unsustainable materials, the couple created their own fashion company.

TAMGA Designs is a sustainable lifestyle movement, born out of the need for a positive example in fashion.

They believe in a bright future for style, people, and the planet, so we create clothing that respects all three.


15. Classic Dad


At Classic Dad, they’re all about the Dad Life. Whether that means solid puns and one-liners, grilling like a champion, or fixing just about anything with duct tape, they’re all about capturing the essence of all dad awesomeness.

What started out as a fun social media page called “Classic Dad Moves” made up purely of dadisms and dad jokes turned into a whole new appreciation for dad culture. After many requests to make t-shirts based on their Classic Dad Moves content, they decided it was time to take dad recognition to the next level. And so, Classic Dad was born.

To follow the dad standard, they provide all of the customers with the highest quality products and customer service.


16. StomaStoma


The story of StomaStoma began when the owners’ son was born only weighing 1lb 2oz. Having a trach or g-tube, or being a family member of someone who does, can be scary and overwhelming at first. When Owen needed both several months later, they figured they could use art and design to not only bring a community of people together but to try and normalize this abnormal thing. To create a sense of belonging for those who feel different. To use humor and joy to lighten the mood for those living the tube and trach life. To remind people that they’re not alone!


17.  Iconspeak


This POD Shopify store is also run by a couple, Georg and Florian, who launched it in 2013 from a friend’s garage in Switzerland.

Originally, they wanted to launch a good product and have fun with it, but after experiencing viral phenomenal growth, they decided to get serious about business.

In no time, they were handling up to seven orders each minute after a story in the media sparked their massive popularity.


18. iLikeMaps


iLikeMaps is the project of Olivier Gratton-Gagné, a Montreal artist crazy about maps.

The map prints created by iLikeMaps are designed to be presented as a work of art, rather than an orientation tool. Map lovers frame the prints and display them in prominent places in their homes. Place, colors, sizes: every map is entirely customizable.


19. Print Prohibition


Print Prohibition is almost more of a design agency than a killer apparel and personal item store. They love adding a little humor and style to a person’s day. They started this company because, like many others, they never could quite find what we were searching for in internet land. Instead of constantly looking, they started designing.


20. Zen Pencil


An Australian cartoon blog artist named Gavin Aung Than created this POD Shopify store by combining famous quotes with his artwork.

Among the store’s products are posters, mugs, t-shirts, and more all featuring famous scenes, comics, and characters.


21. Creative Action


Creative Action owners are a community of artists and advocates making art with purpose. They run crowdsourced campaigns around causes, inviting anyone and everyone to contribute their own meaningful designs. Then they develop those designs into a range of physical goods, from posters to apparel to home goods, which they sell online, and in retailers,, supporting artists and causes with every purchase.


22. The Happy Givers


Carlos Rodriguez, the founder of this Shopify print-on-demand store, benefits from growing revenues and a community-backed brand that is growing and thriving.

Throughout his story, Rodriguez faced a number of disappointments, as he had hoped for success, but most of his ideas failed, and his business wasn’t growing.

While they make a profit, the Happy Givers’ mission is also to feed and educate the poor, and to transform communities worldwide.

By partnering with some talented experts and partners, he built and grew a successful e-commerce store.


 23. Black Fathers Exist


As a young father living in Atlanta, Georgia, Charles Smith began this store a few years ago. After getting bored with the daily grind of work, and wanting something more fulfilling, he left his high-paying job to pursue happiness.

The entrepreneur discovered the POD business, identified a niche, and created his own brand, which resonated with fatherhood.

His POD store is one of the best-performing Shopify stores today, which he says is in line with his ability to design products that people love and then print them.


24. Circle Square Diamond


Circle Square Diamond creator Sean Douglas believes every slope has a story to tell. His minimalist designs are visually appealing and ideal for skiers.

Several years ago, Douglas noticed some people were using trail maps as artwork for their homes and started this POD Shopify store.

His aunt liked the idea but wasn’t thrilled with the raw look because she loves using maps as wall art.

Afterward, he cleaned up and modernized the maps and gave them to her as a present, which she loved, and suggested he turn the idea into a business.

Then he started selling them to some Reddit users, and that’s how an online store was created.


25. Grafomap


Piks knows a lot about using maps to realize goals using new ideas, which is how he created this POD Shopify store.

The lead programmer, designer, and second programmer of the project were Karlis, Janis, and Rudolfs.

After making an alfa product, Piks began to listen to eCommerce podcasts, which led to the idea of creating his own eCommerce operation.

Grafomap was born after he realized he could combine a POD service with the OpenStreetMap data and create beautiful map posters for sale.


Wrap up


Print on demand Shopify stores may seem similar but as you may have noticed, what makes each of them stand out, besides good customer service and high quality, is the unique voice and story behind each store. So creating the right voice is what touches not only the pockets of your target audience but also their hearts and once they feel close to your brand, they will turn to loyal customers.


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