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Most popular Shopify themes based on 670K+ Stores

In this listicle, you will find the most popular Shopify themes that are used by most amount of Shopify stores.

Lightweight, graphic, multi-purpose – IT DOES NOT MATTER!

Here’s how we did it: We crawled 676,417 Shopify stores theme data and created a list of the most popular themes used by them.

This list is based on 417,673 stores that had a theme with more than 200 installs.

The good news is that now you can see any of 802,635 Shopify stores in Shopgram and see what theme they are using!

These themes are screaming to become the foundation of your online success.

They all deliver a powerful, modern, and high-performing website with Shopify.


Most Popular Shopify Themes


Theme Name

Sample Website

Number Of Stores

More Data On Store














































See the full list (80+)of the most popular themes in this Google Sheet 

1- Debut Shopify Theme (Free)

Debut Shopify theme is the most popular Shopify theme, largely because it is the default theme when creating your store. The speed of this theme is great and a great choice if you’re looking to sell your products in a simple interface.

Debut Shopify Theme Review

Debut Shopify theme is rated at 50% positive from 88 Reviews from Shopify theme store.

Debut Shopify Theme Review

Shopify store winning products


2- Brooklyn Shopify Theme (Free)

Brooklyn Shopify theme is ranked second in the number of stores used by Shopify stores worldwide, This theme is also supported by Shopify itself. The elements and customizations are a bit limited but get the job done for most of the smaller and newer stores starting with Shopify

Brooklyn Shopify Theme Review

Brooklyn Shopify theme is rated at 70% positive from 84 Reviews from the Shopify theme store.

Brooklyn Shopify Theme Review

3- Minimal Shopify Theme (Free)

Minimal Shopify theme is the third most used Shopify theme by our study of Shopify stores. If you’re looking into a clean and straightforward theme that can make the purchase process simple for all your visitors, you will love Minimal!

Minimal Shopify Theme Review

Minimal Shopify theme is rated at 82% positive from 95 Reviews from the Shopify theme store.

Minimal Shopify Theme Review

4- Venture Shopify Theme (Free)

Venture Shopify theme is used by more than 25,000 Shopify stores as a theme. The filtering and product categories make this a great free option for those who want a free theme and have 10+ products in their store!

Venture Shopify Theme Review

Venture Shopify theme is rated at 46% positive from 67 Reviews from the Shopify theme store.


Venture Shopify Theme Review

5- Supply Shopify Theme (Free)

Supply Shopify theme is the most popular theme among stores with 100+ products. As described in the Shopify theme store itself, it is Ideal for stores with a large number of products. Adding and managing products and navigation for this theme is easy and functional.


Supply Shopify Theme Review

Supply Shopify theme is rated at 60% positive from 57 Reviews from the Shopify theme store.


Supply Shopify Theme Review

6- Simple Shopify Theme (Free)

Simple Shopify theme is used on more than 18K+ stores and is used by those who want a simple minimal experience for the shoppers. By Shopify itself, this theme is great for clothing products and can showcase your products as rather simple but elegant.


Simple Shopify Theme Review

Simple Shopify theme is rated at 86% positive from 28 Reviews from the Shopify theme store.


Simple Shopify Theme Review

7- Narrative Shopify Theme (Free)

Narrative is another free theme by Shopify itself. It is one of the Shopify themes that is used by stores with not a huge number of products and is the perfect choice for brands who want to tell a story in their Shopify store.

Narrative Shopify Theme Review

Narrative Shopify theme is rated at 56% positive from 50 Reviews from the Shopify theme store.

Narrative Shopify Theme Review

8- Boundless Shopify Theme (Free)

Boundless is the go-to theme when you have quality photos. It is widely used by clothing stores as it’s designed for those who have in-house quality photos for their products.

Boundless Shopify Theme Review

Boundless Shopify theme is rated at 45% positive from 29 Reviews from the Shopify theme store.

Boundless Shopify Theme Review

9- Prestige Shopify Theme (Premium – $180)

Prestige is the most popular premium theme that is used widely. The theme is by Maestrooo and if you’re a brand that want a unique and classy store, it is one of the safest bets for a Shopify brand store.

Prestige Shopify Theme Review

Prestige Shopify theme is rated at 92% positive from 431 Reviews from the Shopify theme store.

Prestige Shopify Theme Review

Shopify Theme 101

Every Shopify store starts with a theme. A Shopify theme is a template that affects the look and feel of your Shopify store.

Shopify has a theme store with over 500 pre-made themes, both free and paid. Varied templates have different styles and layouts, and they may be altered to fit a variety of needs.

Despite the fact that each theme is unique, they all share the following two characteristics:

Body, footer, header, and menu navigation are all page elements.
Article, blog, cart, collection, collection list, contact, custom, customer, home, password, product, and search are some of the page types available.

Free and premium Shopify themes


As previously said, Shopify offers over 500 pre-built themes, both free and paid. If you wish to alter a Shopify theme for your store, you may do it fast.

For individuals who are just getting started selling online, a free Shopify theme is ideal. However, when compared to a premium theme, a free theme’s layout is relatively simple. In terms of categorization and functionality, it’s also limited.

That is why, right from the start, you should consider purchasing a premium Shopify theme.

A premium theme provides you with more customization possibilities, a wider range of design concepts, and a more engaging consumer experience. To create your own store, you can experiment with features such as a homepage slideshow, an integrated Instagram feed, speedy payment on the checkout page, and more.


Custom Shopify themes


The ready-made Shopify templates are simple to use and install. There is no need to code.

After you’ve added a Shopify template to your store, all you have to do now is update the sample content, upload the product CSV file, customize sections (if desired), and launch!

For example, the MyLapel store is created with the Kagami Shopify theme.

But some of the stores have a customized theme built into their Shopify store, GymShark is an example that is using a customized them for their Shopify store.

There are some pros and cons about using a custom theme for store:


Uniqueness: Your brand is distinctive, and if you or the agency you choose is good, your theme will be as one-of-a-kind as a blueprint!
Code: You have more control over the code’s quality.

Customizations: You will gain more independence to add features, graphics and more into your site


Cost: If you don’t know how to design and code, you’ll have to pay someone to do it for you, and custom theme builds aren’t cheap.
Time: It will take time to design and develop this theme, whether you do it yourself or hire an agency (which can vary based on the complexity of the site).

Which Shopify theme should YOU use?

Not all stores have the same requirements and needs for their stores, the best way to do so is by asking yourself some questions like:

  • Is it easy to customize to fit my brand?
  • Will it be aesthetically pleasing to not only me but also my visitors?
  • Is it SEO optimized?
  • Is it mobile responsive?
  • How is the support for this theme?

Eventually, you’ll be able to find the best ones by examining the free and premium Shopify themes. What Shopify theme do you use? let us know in the comments!


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