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Top 20 most dropshipped products in 2021(+How to)

Before anything else, your dropshipping business is all about the products you decide to sell on your website. 

If you find the right products, the rest of the journey will be easier and the result of the effort you put into marketing will be noticed sooner and better. But how can you find the products that guarantee your success?

Here in this article, we are going to talk about the ways you can find the right products for your Shopify store, and to give you a quick hint, there will be a list of the top 20 most dropshipped products on Shopify in 2021 included. 

Before going into details, let’s see what products are the most dropshipped products across Shopify stores according to our recent study in Shopgram.


The list of top 20 most dropshipped products in 2021


We crawled more than 1 Million Shopify stores and came up with this list of the most dropshipped products of 2021 and their suppliers. 

Note: Keep in mind that Shopgram only analyzes Shopify stores, so this list may not include other eCommerce platforms such as Wix, WooCommerce, etc.




  Price Range

  More data on the product




$14.45 to $300




$18 to $80




$30 to $140.63




$34.99 to $90


Duffle bag


$58 to $180


Pet mat


$5.24 to $61.35




$28.6 to $51.53


Square Slot Cutter


$19.56 to $30


Hair Wigs


$102.6 to $629.2




$2.99 to $125




$3 to $8.5


Action Figure Toys


$2.05 to $508.99


Jacket sweater


$5.55 to $113.23




$4.83 to $40


Eyeglasses Pads


$9.77 to $16.99


Mirror Marker


$12.99 to $19.98




$9.9 to $61.35




$19.53 to $23.99


Neck Top


$42 to $68


Yoga pant


$2.39 to $125

Sounds interesting, right? Many print-on-demand stores and clothing products, but you can always find other cool products in the product section of Shopgram!


How to find the best dropshipping products for your Shopify store


You can find a lot of freedom and independence with dropshipping businesses, but when sourcing items for your store, you should consider some points. Identifying winning products that are ideal for your dropshipping store will put you ahead of your competition, and it will allow you to make money fast.

Here are a few tips you need to consider while doing your product research:


1. Follow the trends


Your dropshipping store’s inventory can benefit from products that are currently trending. The best way to figure out which products are selling is to look at what the trends are. If you recognize the popular dropshipping items that are suitable for your store before your competitors find them, you’ll be able to save on marketing costs and establish your brand as an authority brand.


To find the trends you can use the following tools:

  • ShopInspect: You can easily find popular keywords on the web by using ShopInspect. In addition, the tool allows you to search for products and shops and then generate a report. To determine what will sell best anywhere in the world, ShopInspect’s data scientists analyze over 60 million items and all Shopify Stores worldwide.
  • Google Trends: Using Google Trends, you can view trending topics from Google Search. The tool can help you discover what your target market is searching for online, and analyze that data to understand them better.
  • Kickstarter: Kickstarter is a platform where creators can crowdfund the production of their inventions. The Backer (that’s you) can support the creator by ordering the product at an exclusive discount.
  • EcomHunt: Finding cool products is easy and cheap with Ecomhunt. Through this service you can find some of the hottest products without much effort, so you can stay on top of the latest trends. You can start testing quickly and easily since it is easy to use and navigate. Several data points and hundreds of products are available for you to choose from, giving you a great deal of functionality. It allows you to discover the right products for your store.


2. Find a niche


Again, by taking a look at Google Trends you can find niches with high potential to compete in the dropshipping market. Starting your business around niche products will allow you to reach a smaller audience, meaning you’ll face fewer competitors. You can therefore spend less money on marketing. In addition, niche dropshipping stores are easier to rank on search engines, which is good for your business’ growth in the long term.

You should know that an initial dropship niche idea doesn’t mean you’ll be unable to expand into different fields in the future. If you are already a leading store in that dropshipping niche, then you can consider adding related products that you believe your customers will be interested in.


3. Get ideas from your competitors


To stay competitive, you need to stay one step ahead of your rivals. Check out your competitors, and research how they source and sell their products. What pricing strategy do they have or what new products might they release? 


A problem might develop if competitors are selling a similar product to the one you are considering, but you cannot get it for a similar price. forget about that product at the time and add it to your store once you have already built a strong brand and customer loyalty.

Competitive product analysis shouldn’t take up all of your time. Doing a quick Google search is enough.


4. Use social media platforms


The number of people who actively research products through social media reached 42% in 2020.

You must have seen social media ads before on Facebook or Instagram and maybe you remember some of them. 


The use of social media by younger generations is likely to increase product research on these platforms. 16- to 24-year-olds have conducted more research on social media than on search engines.


Using Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube for thirty minutes will surely give you some ideas for your product.

The Facebook Ads platform is viewed as an alternative to Google Ads, YouTube is another helpful place for learning about products, Instagram offers Shoppable posts, and Redditors take part in product and brand discussion threads. Lastly, Pinterest is constantly improving its ad software to improve its appeal as an advertising platform.


As a side note, if what you see is not what you are looking for, take a look at a few Shopify stores and the Shopify ads will probably appear immediately on your feed.


5. Avoid some products


Remember that some products are hard to advertise and will be challenging to sell. For example, Facebook doesn’t let you advertise adult toys and e-cigarettes. And what does the lack of marketing mean? It means that you won’t get enough sales. So try to find some family-friendly products to avoid trouble.


Best selling dropshipping niches


According to Forbes, these are the most profitable dropshipping niches in 2021:


  1. Beauty


  1. Survival Gear


  1. Pet Supplies


  1. Women’s Clothing


  1. Baby Products


  1. Health Supplements/Herbal Remedies/Vitamins


  1. Gadgets


  1. Sporting Goods


  1. Leggings And Sports Attire


  1. Jewelry


Wrapping Up

Finding a dropshipping product that can be profitable for you will always be one of the hard steps in starting your own business. Make sure everything is set up great in your Shopify store. You can choose a Shopify theme from one of the most used Shopify themes as well.

Then start analyzing the top products and analyze their pricing across all Shopify stores

And then, stick to your guns and start working on your dropshipping business and then, Share your success story with us too!


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