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Top Shopify Stores

Online Shopping has grown in the past few years and lots of us do most of our shopping online.  Shopify as an e-commerce platform for online stores plays an important role and lots of shops are built on this platform with unique design. Shopify reported that it had more than 1,000,000 businesses in approximately 175 countries using its platform as of June 2019, with total gross merchandise volume exceeding US$ 41.1 billion for calendar 2018. Knowing about Top Shopify Stores is inspiring for starting your own business.

Nowadays more and more people like to have an online shop and start one. But like any other activity, the beginning phase might be a little hard. Getting inspiration from other shops who have started their businesses already can be a guide through the beginning phase. We have introduced some of the top Shopify stores which sell food and beverage, cosmetics, clothing and sports equipment here.

Now it’s time to take a look at other categories. 

Top Shopify Stores By Home & Decor

1.Deny Designs

Deny Designs defines themselves as a modern, think-outside-the-box home furnishings company. They empower customers to transform dull, everyday household accessories into fun and original statement pieces by adding a personal image or selecting artwork from the Deny Art Gallery. They also support art communities all over the world while also spreading creative love! 

Eye Catching design is a Deny Designs feature. Beautiful photos of furniture persuades visitors to take a tour inside the site. Also categories are in both header and footer which makes finding the right category easier.


Citizenry believes a personal space ‘s design should have a story and purpose and be connected to soul. So their collections come from all over the world. 

Citizenry products are from artisans of different countries with local materials and directly from artisan to consumer with no middleman. So the handmade products have great quality and the price is more reasonable.

The name Citizenry also comes from the thought behind the organization: it is a reflection of the collective of individuals – artisans, designers and dreamers- who get together across continents.

The website is simple and pieces from different countries are shown together. Categorizing is done well and also you can see the story of producers from all around the world. Knowing the producer and seeing pictures of producing connects you more with the products and makes it unique and special for you.

3.Dowse Design

Dowse Design is the dream of Susannah Dowse becoming true. She studied Fine Art to become a fashion and print designer and now runs a successful business. Dowse among Top Shopify Stores offers a commitment to make carefully designed and thoughtfully made jewellery and lifestyle products with deep consideration.

By scrolling the main page you get familiar with the products which include candles, jewellery, textiles, ceramics, art prints, puzzles etc. 

In the blog you have the chance to read about artists. 

What I personally like about the site is the gifts under 20£ section. You can find beautiful gifts here when you have no idea what to buy and the price is fair.

Top Crafts & Books Shopify Stores

1.Lindsay Letters

Lindsay the entrepreneur who ran this site believes art is for everyone and it has such a positive effect on mood. So now she tries to use her talent for bringing art to everybody’s home and spreading joy.

Lindsay Letters theme is all white with drops of pink which is calming and peaceful and maybe a reason for placing in Top Shopify Stores. Different products are shown which helps in finding the right category. Also the photo of Lindsay and her colleagues who have happy faces gave me a good feeling about the entire shop.

2. Greer Chicago

If you are a writing instrument and stationary enthusiast Greer can become your favorite. You can find everything from postcards to desk equipment here. The site is simple and filled with pictures of writing instruments. Categorizing is done great and you won’t miss a thing.

Greer collections as they’ve told  intend to make your world a more positive, beautiful and thoughtful place, from an array of designers, large and small who are dedicated to doing the same.

3. Cookbook Village

There are tons of cooking applications and most people search for recipes on the internet, not books. But there are still some people who enjoy cooking food from books and also keeping vintage books. Cookbook village is for these people.

The site is very simple and everything you need to get is in the header. Also you can read customer’s review in home page and get a better insight about the site.

Top Electronics Shopify Stores

1.Studio Neat

Studio Neat is where you can find practical and simple products for daily needs. It was founded by Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost, two designers who manufacture simple things which solve a problem.

Studio Neat is truly eye catching and the site is neat as its name. Categories are clear and you can find tons of useful things which hadn’t occurred to your mind they might exist. 

Studio Neat Gazette or newsletter, blog and podcasts can inform you and help you catch up with news.

2.Editor’s Keys

Editor’s Keys is all about keyboards and the beautiful and shiny keyboard in the main page proves that. Black and orange have made a great harmony for the site and while getting attention, don’t bother. 

You can find every keyboard related product here and categories are clear enough.

Editor’s Keys uses push notifications to get delivery updates, the latest specials, personalized offers, expiry reminders and more. Push notifications help you stay informed and don’t miss a thing and can help your shop place in Top Shopify Stores.

Pro Tip: Push notification is a great way to contact visitors and customers and let them know about your offers and specials. BestPush is a push notification and email service which helps you keep in touch with your customers.


If you are tired of missing keys, wallet and simply everything you better check Chipolo.

Chipolo is the combination of chip+colour. Being smart and colourful is important for Chipolo and the name comes from that.

Chipolo is basically about dealing with daily loss of objects and you can learn more about each product in the ‘How it works’ section. 

Final Thoughts

Creativity is the key to success but there is no harm in inspiration. So learn from others, combine it with your own thoughts and you can have a great online shop of your own.

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