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Best Shopify Stores

In the past few years Ecommerce has become part of our lives. It has constantly been growing and today is responsible for more than 13% of the global annual sales according to Statista. Also Ecommerce is predicted to be responsible for 17% of all U.S. retail sales by 2022. A noticable part of online shops are Shopify Stores.

Online shopping has become easier and more accessible by the use of smartphones. So these numbers aren’t surprising and thus having a website is a must. With Shopify Ecommerce platform, launching an online store is just a piece of cake!

There are over a million businesses on Shopify which are using their products to express who they are while making a change in the Ecommerce world.

Whether you are thinking about having your own website or been there for a while and now thinking about a redecoration, taking a glance at successful stores will inspire you with creative ideas.

Here’s a list of Shopify stores that are best in what they do and can inspire you through your way. 

Best Food & Beverage Shopify Stores

1. Pipcorn

Pipcorn has one of the most eye-catching website designs. Also Pipcorn knows their target audience’s concerns such as the taste and the kernels in teeth. Pipcorn’s products are non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, and whole grain and they’ve taken care of different tastes as well.

Pipcorn started as a small family business and now has turned into a fast growing shopify store.

Its design is perfect and gives users a unique customer experience. Also simplicity and user friendliness is another positive point of the pipcorn. Their newsletter form is quite simple and their emails are fun and useful. 

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2. Partake Foods

Partake Cookies site offers you the product you’re looking for in a quick glance. It offers a wide range of tastes and flavours from crunchy to soft ones.. Also Partake cookies are free of the top 8 allergens such as artificial colors, preservatives, and genetically modified ingredients.

3. Detour Coffee

Detour Coffee has a simple and beautiful design. Everything needed is in the header bar and the visitor doesn’t get lost. Also Beautiful and creative packages persuade everyone to buy coffee right away. Moreover, you can find appliances needed for coffee at the bottom and complete your coffee related purchase.

Pro Tip: Selling products related to each other can increase your revenue. In fact you can remind people to finalize their purchase with different products related to each other.

Best Shopify Stores by Cosmetics Brands

1. Kylie Cosmetics

Yes kylie Jenner uses shopify too. Kylie Cosmetics is one of the top 500 Shopify stores in the world.

Her site has a very distinct girly vibe which can attract her target audience easily. The soft pink reminds everyone of girly stuff and cosmetics, yet is not distractive.

The site is well-organized and not overwhelming for visitors. Lip kits, her best-known items, are shown first on the homepage.

2. Cheekbone Beauty

Cheekbone Beauty is a cosmetics store which has a beautiful story behind it.The creator Jennifer Harper creates beauty products that are vegan and cruelty free. Due to the brand’s commitment which is becoming waste-free by 2023, lipsticks are packaged in biodegradable paper and use 85% less plastic.ALSO Cheekbone Beauty’s team founded First Nations Child and Family Caring Society (FNCFCS) and support it by donating 10% of the profits to Shannen’s Dream.

Now Let’s talk about the website. Bold colours used in the website attract visitors without distraction. The pink feather which appears for choosing a product is just cute.

3. Beauty Bakerie

Our new bakeware is fresh out of the oven! That’s quite the story of beauty bakerie. Beauty products are packaged and named after baked in Beauty Bakerie which is very cute and sweet. You gotta admit using a spoon like eye brush is fun.

Cashmere Nicole is the beauty bakerie founder and had a long journey to this shop, from being a single mom to battling breast cancer. But all she thinks is sweetness not bitterness. 

Beauty Bakerie has a social program too and started Sugar Homes in 2016 to support and sponsor orphanages by providing funding and supplies.

Best Shopify Clothing Stores

1. Jane Motorcycles

Using photographs is a good idea in clothing and Jane Motorcycles uses bold photography in its Home Page.

You will see the website’s products showcased in their natural environment. A close-up of a leg wearing a leather shoe riding a motorbike is an example.

The beauty and ease of use has turned this website into a popular clothing store. One good thing about this site is the segmentation of listings in two columns: Category and Brand.This makes shopping much easier.

2. All Birds

Nowadays sustainability is an important subject in products. All Birds cofounders Footballer Tim Brown and engineer Zoey Zwillinger have considered this and produce sustainable and natural shoes.

The website design tells a lot about these shoes. You can wear them everywhere and they’re comfy, that’s what occurs to mind while scrolling. 

Simple, elegant Allbirds uses packaging made from 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard.

3.Adored Vintage

Adored Vintage’s website design totally suits its product. The website theme is simple and soothing just like old times. 

Adored Vintage is a vintage clothing and vintage-inspired modern piece store. Owner Rodellee Bas creates pieces out of her affinity for silhouettes of times past. 

The segmentation is perfect and every possible category which helps you better has been taken into account. You can even choose your piece of clothing by Era.

Little notification boxes appear and show the latest sold products, This can inspire visitors to buy more and take another look at something which was taken recently.

Adored Vintage donates a part of its revenue to local classrooms, and Rodellee is a mentor to other women in business.

Best Sports Shopify Stores

1. Gymshark

Gymshark’s story is inspiring for young people: It was created in 2012 by a group of teenagers and now it is one of the most successful shopify stores.

The site uses minimalist design with photographs featuring the products.

Gymshark contains three main drop-down buttons on the top of the page and you won’t get confused.

2. Condor

Condor cycles is a website that sells bikes and everything, literally everything related to cycling. 

The header menu has made things easy and everything is neatly categorized for picking. You can also see the website’s pros such as fast dispatch & shipping, easy returns, cycling since 1948.

Condor creates useful contents which help bikers as well.

3. Ventana Supplies

Ventana has chosen its target audience: the surfers’ community. Products here are related to surfing.

The colour Brown is the leading shade here, matching the colors in most of the brand’s products.

Photographs cover the majority of the screen, displaying important parts of a surfboard’s life, from the moment it is crafted to the moment it is ridden.

Although the fonts may be a little hard to read and small The product photos are so eye-catching, and the light is so natural that I could almost feel the breeze and smell the sea.

Last but not least

The recipe for creating a successful Shopify store is not a rigid process and we saw various kinds of websites. What works for someone else is not guaranteed to work for you but you can always use ideas that you’ve got from other websites.

Use your innovation, creativity, and instinct to deliver the best experience to your customers.

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