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Top 20 Shopify winning products you can sell in 2022

Choosing the right products to start your online business with is one of the important steps. However, the variety of options in front of you can make this step confusing and at some point overwhelming. It takes a lot of your time to find some in-demand trending products that will eventually help you expand your Shopify store and become successful in the market. 

In this article, we will provide you with a list of the top 20 Shopify winning products that you can sell in 2022 to give you new business ideas or maybe ideas about some great products you can add to your existing Shopify store. 

But first, let’s find out about the key features of a winning Shopify product and answer this fundamental question: What Should I consider while choosing a product to sell on my Shopify online store?


Key features of a Shopify winning product


Now let’s talk about the criteria of a winning product. In the following part, you are going to learn how to identify a Shopify winning product before you waste money on so many failed products. 

Here are a few factors you need to consider:



  • Wow factor (scroll stopper): This factor is what instantly grabs the attention and stops the user from scrolling. The product is usually what causes the wow factor, however, your marketing of the product can also cause this. For example, you can take an average product and have a very good marketing angle or the product is innovative enough to trigger that wow factor itself. 



  • Solves a problem (adds value): In this case, there are two types of products: pain killers and value adders. Pain killers are essentially anything that alleviates or solves problems and value adders are the products that add value and make something much easier and better. Like if you have a product that chops vegetables in ten seconds, that is a huge value adder.



  • Healthy profit potential: The third required criteria of a winning product is that it should have a healthy profit margin. Any product with 30 dollars profit margin and above is healthy. Any product with 20 dollars profit is a decent one. But if your product has a profit margin of 15 dollars or less, then that is dangerous. If you’re able to achieve high margin and high volume with a product, that’s when you know you’ve chosen a winning product.


Shopify store winning products

Top 20 Shopify winning products to sell in 2022


1. Wrist Support Gloves


Shopify winning product

These gloves are literally like painkillers to those whose job requires hours of handwork. Since many people are dealing with such pain every day, this product can solve the problem of many if you know how to present it to the market.


2. Frontless Bra


Shopify winning product

Women always struggle to find the right bra when wearing frontless or backless dresses. This bra gives them the support they want and doesn’t ruin the look. So this is the example of a product that solves a very simple yet common problem.


3. Legging


Shopify winning product

Home, outdoors, gym, leggings are comfy and suitable for everyday life. They have become a must-have product for every woman nowadays. And it sounds reasonable to offer some high-quality leggings to the people looking for them.


4. Phone Cases


Shopify winning product

People love to accessorize their phones without sacrificing security with some customized tough phone cases. That’s where you can enter and help them keep their phones stylish and secure. Phone cases are the kind of product that you can play around with a lot and offer them to every age and all tastes.


5. Phone Holder


Shopify winning product

Nobody can go a day without their mobile phones anymore. They have become our personal smart diaries. Everything we like and want is gathered in a small electronic piece. We can’t stop holding them and looking at them. So what is better than a product that can hold our phones for us?


6. Car Cup Holder


Shopify winning peoduct

Drinking and eating in a car is an enjoyable yet difficult experience. It’s hard to control a cup of soda while you’re enjoying a slice of pizza. A car cup holder can solve these problems forever. You may want to have this product in mind as well.


7. Silicone Bib


Shopify winning product

Parents are always struggling with feeding their babies and keeping them clean. So you can target these frustrated parents and offer them something they have always needed but never knew. These bibs feature rounded, built-in neck fasteners for a snug and comfy fit. Also, the deep front pocket is perfect for catching food, keeping the baby and surrounding area clean.


8. Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner


Shopify winning product

The multi-purpose foam cleaner can effectively eliminate grease,stuck-on dirt, dust, fingerprints, and any unwanted stain on all surfaces, leaving a non-greasy, matte finish that prevents fading, discoloration, and cracking. Well, who doesn’t want that?


9. T-shirts


Shopify winning product

Well, about T-shirts, they are always in demand. And with the print-on-demand business growing every day, T-shirts can be a good choice to start a print-on-demand Shopify store with. 


    10. Soap Bar


Shopify winning product

As you may know, the fever for skincare and using organic products seems like a never-ending one. The beauty industry is growing so fast and you can be a part of it. Think of your successful brand of organic soap bars with soothing colors and soft smells. People would love that.


   11. Jewelry


Shopify winning product

Any kind of jewelry can be a good choice as long as you know the trends and you go with them. Also, jewelry is a choice that can be easily expanded later when you want to grow your Shopify store.


 12. Golf Brush Cleaner


Shopify winning product

This product is basically a golf brush head with soft, quality bristles that can perfectly get into all the nooks and crannies of the toilet providing the customers with a scratch-free cleaning that effectively eliminates every dirt and buildup. 


13. Super Absorbent Floor Mat


Shopify winning product

These floor mats will let the kitchen or the bathroom no longer bear the damage of water stains or oil stains. The fashionable and simple colors and patterns can be matched with any decoration, which is very suitable for modern homes. 


14. Egg Storage Box


Shopify winning product

Ann egg store box sounds like a very simple product, right? However, think of the times when you bought a dozen of eggs and could not find enough place to store them. Now you can think of creative ways to market this simple product. 


15. Multi-functional Pants Rack


Shopify winning product

Putting every pair of pants on a separate hanger can occupy a lot of space in the closet. On the other hand, when you put multiple pants on the same hanger, it will be confusing and messy when looking for a specific one. The multi-functional pants rack can save so much space and keep pants clean and organized.


16. Flat Foot Orthopedic Insoles


Shopify winning product

These insoles improve foot and leg alignment, enhance comfort, and help ease stress and pain caused by Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, XO-Type Leg, Knee Valgus, and Overpronation. So just like the first product we introduced in this article, these insoles are pain killers as well.


17. Fabric Face Mask


Shopify winning product

With face masks becoming a part of people’s everyday style, it is a good idea to offer stylish masks to the market. Like T-shirts, masks can also be a good choice to start a print-on-demand Shopify store with.


18. Mobile Phone Charging Holder


Shopify winning product

Short charger wire? None of your customers have to suffer from that issue. Your mobile phone charging holder can solve their problem once and forever.


19. Cat Scratch Guard


Shopify winning product

You want to choose this product and Save cat parents from their cats ruining all the furniture with their long scratching nails maybe? It’s on you.


20. Multitool Tech Tool Pen


Shopify winning product

This pen can be widely used for writing and signing documents, digital drawing, measuring distance, making a straight line, determining horizontal/vertical level, and turning screws and bolts. It can be carried and used either at home, school, office or anywhere people go. Also, its small size and lightweight, making it comfortable to handle.

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