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Top 6 Best Back in Stock Shopify apps in 2022 (Latest Rankings)

It is a disappointing moment for your customers to find the red sold-out sign on the product they wanted to purchase from your website. In this case, two things may happen: the first and most probable one is that you lose a potential customer. Because they will search for what you couldn’t give them on other online stores and the chances are high that they will buy the product from one of your competitors. This is exactly what we don’t want. Right? 

In the second possibility, you keep your customers for yourself with a simple yet smart move. You tell them that the item they want is not available. But soon it will be back on your website. So all they need to do is to click on a button and wait for you to let them know as soon as the product is back in stock.

Here is the point where a Back in stock Shopify app can come to your help and save your customers.

In this article, we are going to get familiar with some of the best back-in-stock apps you can use for your Shopify store this year.

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ReStock: Back in stock alerts




Back In Stock: Restock Alerts




Back in Stock & Restock Alerts




Back in Stock Restock Alerts




Back In Stock: Customer Alerts




Why do you need Back In Stock Notifications?

Any online store that sells products should have Back in Stock Alerts. You make most of your revenue from the products that are most in demand. When this occurs, you can be sure that your customers won’t go away, so using this methodology is an obvious benefit. 

You will be surprised at what else these notifications can do for your online business.

Recognizing customers’ needs

Besides doing your customers a favor, you are doing yourself a favor by allowing them to receive back-in-stock notifications. Here’s how. 

If you do this, you will know exactly how many people are interested in buying a certain product that is not currently in stock at your store. 

The next time one hundred potential customers ask for these jeans, you can be their hero and give them what they really want as soon as possible.

Developing trust

Shoppers find it disappointing when products are out of stock. If you choose to take advantage of this situation, you can show your customers that you care.

Offering an alternative shows that you don’t want to let them down, which builds trust. When things go wrong, your customers know they can count on you. That’s what keeps them loyal.

Making social proof

Let’s say you pass a physical store and see there’s a long line of people waiting outside. Though you may not understand why they are waiting, you may subconsciously think that there is something worth waiting for there.

And that is exactly how the stock alert button works on your online store. You tell your potential shoppers that this product was so popular that it was sold out, then you let them join the waiting list. Having a waiting list creates the illusion that so many people wanted the same thing. 

Analyzing product popularity

Apply the same strategy in a different way if you’re not sure which products will do well on your Shopify store. But how? 

See how many people sign up for the waiting list for the product you are about to launch by adding a “coming soon” button. By using this strategy, you create a new inventory that will be popular and in demand.

6 Best Back in Stock apps for your Shopify store 

  1. ReStock: Back in stock alerts

ReStock is one of the most popular back in stock notification apps on the Shopify app store.

When an out of stock product is restocked, you can notify your customers. It doesn’t matter what your Shopify theme is or how many visitors you have, you can start for free and avoid losing customers.

Using this Shopify app you can Email your customers when an out of stock product gets back in stock automatically or manually and Create your own “Notify me when available” button, sign-up form, and email template. All themes are supported so you don’t need to code.

What else? You can show buttons on the pre-order page, import and export your data, set minimum inventory, get insightful reports, use multi-lingual widgets. Moreover, you can request for any features and receive Customized Service from the support team any time of day or night.

  1. Back In Stock: Restock Alerts

The Back In Stock app allows customers to sign up to receive an Email when your product is back in stock. Your store can send free back in stock emails to all subscribers when a product or variant is restocked.

By mimicking the Shopify admin experience, Back In Stock offers a simple and excellent experience. You have access to everything from customization to detailed settings. On your website, you have full control over the “Notify me” button, the subscription form, and the email template.

Just like the first app we introduced in this article, Back In Stock supports all of the themes on Shopify. In the case that your shop theme has a different structure or code, the support team customizes and installs the code.

The app provides the “back in stock” button in different colors and sizes. You can have the “Notify Me” button on collections and home page.

Also you will have the option to add a button that is exactly like your Shopify theme even on the Pre-Order Products.

The app will also provide you with the ability to resend notifications, as well as support multiple languages and locations. When sending emails you can use your own email address and domain to send back-in-stock notifications.

  1. Back in Stock & Restock Alerts

If you purchase one of the paid plans of this app you will have unlimited email stock notifications that will be automatically sent to your customers. Beside sending emails, you can send SMS alerts to your customers in 200+ countries to boost conversion rates. When you reach your monthly SMS allowance you can simply use the simple add-on feature to buy more tokens.

In addition, customising the widget and notifications to match the look and feel of your store will be possible. Unlike some stock notification apps that only work if a product is entirely out of stock, this app lets your customers choose restock alerts for specific variant combinations, including size, colour or style.

To get better results, you can prioritise notification channels which provide higher conversions for you and get insights and data on how your store is doing.

  1. Back in Stock Restock Alerts

With the “Back in Stock Restock Alerts” app, you have many practical features at your disposal. Here is a brief list of these features:

  • Notify targeted customers when stock becomes available
  • Automate back-in-stock notifications through multiple channels
  • Create Back in stock alerts to increase sales
  • Let shoppers know when items are back in stock and recapture lost sales
  • Create a customized email template according to inventory limits
  • Send out reorder notification emails for high demand products.

There is more to this app than just the previously-introduced features, so the following are included:

  • Restock Alerts on Emails and Web Push Notifications
  • Back-in-Stock Alert Button for Easy Subscription
  • Unlimited Restock Alerts
  • Unlimited Emails/SMS Restock Alerts
  • Automated Email Integrations with Klaviyo/Mailchimp
  • Revenue and Customer Analytics
  • Data-Driven Inventory Management
  • Notifications of inventory shortage, price drop, and back in stock
  1. Customer Alerts

“Back In Stock: Customer Alerts” may be worth including in your watchlist if you find it valuable to re-engage your customers or inform them about the recently restocked items. By using the features of this application, you will be able to:

  • Target your customers with email notifications
  • Send SMS messages to your targeted customers
  • Get multilingual customer support
  • Get multi-location Support
  • Notify customers of back-in-stock for a specific product
  • Customize emails & forms
  • Get full support for custom themes
  1. Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alerts

And finally, here is the last application being discussed in this article: Back In Stock – Restock Alerts

Having the ability to integrate with popular marketing apps such as Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Zapier, and Pushowl, you could use this app if you want the same functionality as other corresponding apps previously introduced. So, you would be able to send automated in-stock notifications by email, SMS, re-stock messages on Facebook Messenger, and also Web push notifications to your targeted customers. 

In addition, you could find some more features in this app including sending batch notifications at intervals, setting up multi-location back in stock notifications, and adding a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency.


Although all these apps may seem to offer the similar features, they are different in details. You need to choose the right back in stock notifications app based on your store’s needs and priorities. We hope after reading this article, you realize that annoying out-of-stock situations don’t have to be the end of a customer journey.

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