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10+ Best Shopify Niches & Products to Sell in 2022 (with Data)

One thing we for sure learned from 2021 is that eCommerce is taking over the world. The pandemic changed the Shopping habits of people globally and things will not go back to how they used to be soon. Actually, the state of Shopping may never go back to how it was before the pandemic. And if there is a time for you to start an online store, it is now!


Three things are required for success in eCommerce: high-demand products, marketing skills, and the will to succeed. As you learn and research constantly, you’re already preparing yourself for success. Discovering the right niche and products to sell is a little challenging though.


That’s why in this article, we are going to show you the best Shopify niches and products and make your job easier.


What is a niche?


The original, literal meaning of niche refers to a recess in a wall, often used to display decorative objects, such as statues.


But nowadays Niche is commonly used as an adjective to describe something that has very specific appeal, as a niche market or niche interests. 


As the term suggests, a niche is a place or position that is particularly suitable for someone or something due to it being exceptional and different from the rest.


Niche often refers to a position or interest that allows someone or something to succeed in a particular environment. It’s especially used in the context of people’s careers to refer to the specific position, occupation, or business that will set them apart from others and allow them to be successful.


When someone tells you to “find your niche,” they mean you should find the very specific activity or position that sets you apart and in which you can find success or fulfillment. Niche can also refer to a very specific part of the consumer market.


According to collin’s dictionary, a niche in the market is a specific area of marketing that has its own particular requirements, customers, and products. 


Is finding the best niche really important?


Finding a niche is important for small business owners who want to not only create a steady stream of revenue but also establish a loyal audience. Having a solid market niche will ensure that particular groups of customers will purchase from you rather than from your competitors.


Creating a business in a niche market sometimes gives entrepreneurs the ability to charge higher rates for their products or services. Especially for those pioneering a new sector of industry, the supply and demand ratio can be extremely lucrative, giving you the chance to become a thought leader and expert in your field.  


There are a lot of eCommerce online stores out there, and if you are among small or medium-sized businesses, you might not possess the resources to compete with your competitors. Picking up a market group, then specializing in that market group, is more sensible and more resourceful. In case you are successful, you can have a chance to expand to another niche later before building up your own brand market.


So are you ready to know the best Shopify niches and products to sell in 2022 now? Here we go.



Shopify store winning products

Top 10 Shopify niches and products


Despite the fact that you might be aware of trending items and keep them in mind, you can improve your chances of success by getting started with a niche market, and drilling down to find the best niche items that have an attractive market profile. This section will introduce you to the 10 Best Shopify niches and products to sell.


1. Clothing


The clothing niche is one of the most popular Shopify niches out there. The demand for clothing is never-ending and people seek new clothing trends these days. So investing in this niche will yield attractive returns for you. We suggest you the following products but you are free to choose any product that you believe will sell in this market.


1.1 Shirts

1.2 Tops

1.3 Dresses



2. Home & Garden


It is said that “Home is where the heart is”, which is why people spend so much time and money on making their homes beautiful and comfortable. Home decor was worth 582 billion dollars in 2017 and is expected to surpass 741 billion dollars by 2023, according to the Future Of Commerce. The home and garden niche has largely been taken over by e-commerce, as has most other niches. So keep the following products in mind.


2.1 Home decor

2.2 Hanging planter

2.3 Mirrors and shelves


3. Jewelry & Watches


Jewelry and accessories are generally among the top-earning categories, and between September 1 and November 18, they generated the second-highest amount of revenue for merchants.

This category generated less revenue than Home & Garden, but sold more items, indicating that jewelry might not generate as much revenue but is incredibly popular.


3.1 Earrings

3.2 Necklaces & Pendants

3.3 Bracelets and rings



4. Health & Beauty


We are in the midst of a boom in the health and beauty industry! Currently, the health and wellness industry is valued at over 4.4 trillion US dollars (2019) and is on the rise. Likewise, the beauty industry is thriving and continuing to thrive, predicted to exceed $716 billion US dollars by 2025.  

It’s pretty clear the self-care and wellness trend will be sticking around for some time. Why not grab your piece of the pie and try dropshipping products within this niche?


4.1 Makeup

4.2 Skincare

4.3 Nail supplies


5. Sporting Goods


It can be difficult to find sports-related items on Amazon without spending considerable time browsing the listings, especially for items with high competition like soccer balls and basketballs. You can tap into a business model that is proven and has a strong potential for success and ROI with an e-commerce store targeted at this demographic. Sports to consider include golf, soccer (football), tennis, basketball, MMA, weight lifting, and fitness.


5.1 Athletic Shoes

5.2 Swimwear

5.3 Jumpsuits & Rompers


6. Baby


This industry is vast, so knowing where to start can be a tad daunting. However, when done well, there’s lots of money to be made. In fact, at the time of writing, the baby and kids niche is said to be worth a whopping $66.8 billion!


6.1 Baby Clothing

6.2 Diaper Backpack

6.3 Toys


7. Crafts


Are you a hobbyist hoping to make some extra money by making bath bombs or dog treats in your spare time? Or perhaps you’re an entrepreneur looking to run a high-flying eCommerce business offering deluxe gift baskets?

There is a huge demand for handmade and craft goods all over the world, so both the hobbyist and the business pro can capitalize on the various things that people can make and sell.


7.1 Soaps

7.2 Ceramics

7.3 Candles


8. Pet Supplies


The pet industry, despite a relatively high level of competition, has good potential for an online store. So, if you like the idea of dropshipping pet products, it’s a great choice!

The best thing about this niche is the buyers’ engagement. As your potential customers want the best for their beloved furry friends, they don’t mind spending a little extra or waiting a bit longer. In order for that to happen, they should consider your offers worthy of their attention, of course.


8.1 Pet beds

8.2 Pet toys

8.3 Pet hair remover vacuum


9. Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories are quite popular in many markets including the United States which is one of the largest markets in this industry. So, it’s a good idea to dropship fashion accessories as long as you can offer high-quality products and fast shipping. Let’s take a look at the products in this niche.


9.1 Bags & Handbags

9.2 Hats

9.3 Sunglasses



10. Cell Phones & Accessories


The cell phone and accessories niche had projected 3.5 billion mobile users by the end of 2020 and has been growing to reach around 3.8 billion by the end of 2021, which means that the potential for the cell phone niche is gigantic. Many drop shippers have been successful with smart innovations in this niche as it is full of opportunities.


10.1 Power banks

10.2 Phone cases

10.3 Headphones


But keep in mind that popularity may not be the only criteria you should look for. You must look into other aspects such as: 


  •  Competition


  • Pricing and Profit


  • Supply chains


  •  Delivery times

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