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5 best Shopify subscription apps in 2022

Today, many customers and store owners choose the subscription model over the other ecommerce business models due to the convenience and flexibility it offers. While it gives customers the option to manage their purchases, it provides store owners a source for recurring revenue. 

In this post, we have listed some of the best Shopify subscription tools (you can check out our other pieces for Shopify Back in Stock and Bundle apps too) that can help you build and manage subscriptions in your store.

App Name Number Of Reviews Review Rating 1-Star Reviews App Link
Subify Subscriptions 9 5 0 install
Ongoing Subscriptions 114 5 0 install
Loop Subscriptions 82 4.9 2 install
Subscription & Recurring Order 159 4.6 11 install
Bold Subscriptions 268 4.3 26 install
Best Shopify Subscription Apps

Why should you use a Shopify subscription app?

When you use Shopify as your online selling platform, you might face limitations to launch a subscription plan for your store or brand.

Using a Shopify subscription app can enable you to give subscription packages to your shoppers on a recurring basis, instead of being limited to selling products regularly. In fact, you are capable of offering paid subscriptions with recurring billings, automatic payment reminders, and subscription analytics to better manage your business.

Besides, the convenience of product replenishment can be beneficial for your customers.

Top 5 Shopify Subscription Apps

Subify Subscriptions

Subify Subscriptions best shopify subscription app

Subify Subscriptions designed by Hengam is a simple and perfect way to grow your business with subscriptions on a free plan.

After installing the application, you just need to set subscription rules (adding the subscription products and setting the delivery frequencies with the optional discounts) and start selling right away. Shoppers will be auto-charged for their recurring orders and the orders will be available in your admin dashboard.

Moreover, you can take advantage of various customizable widgets that work with almost every theme to fit your store layout based on your customer needs which result in increased sales. The app is frequently getting updated, so you can anticipate the new features being added consistently.

No matter what products you want to sell. It can be memberships, physical products, or services. Subify Subscriptions can help you manage your subscription business on your Shopify store in minutes with just a few clicks. 

Ongoing Subscriptions

Ongoing Subscriptions

Ongoing Subscriptions allows Shopify store owners to set up and manage recurring orders. This app is a good subscription tool with frequency discounts, automatic payments, and useful reports.

With Ongoing, there are different options to offer discounts on your products, such as set price, amount off, or percentage discounts. 

You are able to customize subscription discounts based on the product types or occasions to grow profits. 

Additionally, you can monitor subscription orders with analytics and vital reports to improve your business plans.   

Loop Subscriptions

Loop Subscriptions

Another option for Shopify subscriptions is Loop, which gives merchants control over the subscription frequency and discounts.

Shoppers aren’t limited to subscription products in their carts which allows them to mix their one-time purchases and subscription orders at the same time.

With Loop, you can set up prepaid subscriptions on your Shopify stores. Simply you need to specify the number of deliveries to be charged. It should be noted that you can offer subscription options to your customers for physical products as well as digital products and membership.

Also, their auto-notifications can inform customers about upcoming payments, skipped orders, expired subscriptions, failed payments, and more to lower the amount of churn. You can also configure the app to automatically retry failed transactions because of declined or expired cards.

Subscription & Recurring Order

Subscription & Recurring Order app Shopify

Subscription & Recurring Order by SuprIT UAB is a free Shopify subscription app you can use to manage your store. It can improve the customers’ experience when choosing subscription plans and help them manage their subscriptions from their portals with ease.

The subscription widget can be fully customized to match and work with Shopify store themes. You can add the widget to any products or services at your store. Furthermore, all subscribers can be reminded that their invoices are coming up, so they can be sure when the payment is ready.

Bold Subscriptions

Bold Shopify subscription app

Bold Subscriptions is another Shopify subscription app that allows store owners to set up and manage recurring orders.

The app integrates with Shopify and intends to reduce customer churn and increase CLV. It does this by automated self-managing emails to match your business and also by giving shoppers the chance to control their subscriptions themselves.

You can create subscription models that best fit your business strategy with this application. It offers flexibility to set rules and working flows for subscriptions. It can also offer you numerous options to entice customers which can boost conversions. Furthermore, you can offer a good customer experience with various customizable options.

Final Word

With a powerful subscription app, you can efficiently generate recurring revenue while it can give your customers a convenient shopping experience.

There are various Shopify subscription apps available that can work for online shops of any size today. You need to choose the right app that best suits your subscription program needs.