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What is Shopgram?

Shopgram is here to help you as a Shopify merchant or Shopify merchant to-be knowing about best Shopify stores can be helpful and inspiring. It’s necessary for online stores to know their competitors and their position in contrast to them. That’s what Shopgram tries to do and data science helps with analyzing data and makes this process easier and faster. But how does Shopgram do that? Let’s find out more about Shopgram!

Old Days Without No Online Stores

Most of us remember times when there weren’t any online stores. Shopping was a process of finding out about stores, exploring them and finally finding the product you were looking for. Things changed after internet domination.

Online stores began to grow and today everything, even illegal! Products are available online. Platforms like Shopify made everything easier for people who desired opening an online store but didn’t have enough web knowledge.

Now there are 1,000,000 businesses running on Shopify. It might be a scary number for people who are considering joining Shopgram and starting their own business.

What these to-be merchants should know is that every successful shop began with few customers and revenue. Knowing about Best Shopify stores in each category and looking for their strengths can be inspiring.

The Shopgram team has categorized online stores in Shopify with data science and you can see best Shopify stores in each category easily. 

What Are Shopgram Categories?

Shopgram has categorized products which you can see them all here.

Also there are popular categories which you can see on the home page. The categories are:

  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Beauty
  • Home
  • Art
  • Bag
  • Shoe
  • Hair
  • Natural
  • Supply
  • Sport
  • Toy
  • Body
  • Print
  • Decor
  • Pet
  • Watch
  • Coffee
  • Organic
  • Furniture
  • Handmade
  • Case
  • Health
  • Book
  • Food
  • Oil
  • Boutique
  • Gift
  • Kid
  • Baby
data science used for Shopgram categories


Data Collection In Shopgram

Finding all shops was a challenge and the data was needed for data science. With the help of Shopify shop’s subdomain we could have the complete list of shops. We got other useful information such as title, description, and the names of collections, country, theme, and currency from processing the shop’s homepage HTML.

Since Shopify is one of the largest ecommerce platforms and has lots of online stores, we crawled the information of more than 700K stores and 70M products. This information is very useful for online store owners who tend to place in best Shopify Stores.

Topic Modeling In Shopgram

After gathering all the data we needed to classify shops and specify categories. There were challenges like unlabeled data and choosing final class labels. Finally we concatenated shop title, description, and collection names and extracted a feature vector from that by using a state of the art deep NLP model. You can read more about Shopgram’s topic modeling here.

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Data Structure in Shopgram

With having shop URLs, finding product information is not that hard. In fact, Shopify provides an open API which gives products data in JSON format through the URL. So we can build a large multi-modal dataset (text & image) and later use it for data mining purposes.

Data Cleaning In Shopgram

Using product type data can be a little difficult. Merchants in Shopify use different names for one specific product: Tshirt, tshirt, T-shirt, t-shirt, tee, … all for the t-shirt. 

We in Shopgram analyzing 67M products, we found 1.6M unique product types. 

Price Feature

Stores currency was found from stores’ homepages, and joining these data we could have price and currency. So it went smoothly.

Read more about data structure, data cleaning and Exploratory Data Analysis here.

How Can Merchants Use Shopgram?

Knowing about the trends and popular products can help in inventory management and deciding about adding or removing products. Online stores should be easy to work with, beautiful and sufficient. Shopgram helps online stores with the sufficient part and helps them to know which products are best for them.

Also best Shopify Stores are visible in Shopgram. This helps young shops or troubled shops to get inspiration and explore best online stores to find errors in their own shops.

online stores merchants

How Can To-Be Merchants Use Shopgram?

There are many people out there who are considering opening their first online store and changing their field of work and starting a new one. Although change is good most of the time and getting out of your comfort zone can lead to success, it is a very scary step. Maybe the beginners just know they want to have an online store and have no idea about what they should sell. In this case Shopgram helps with trending products in different countries and introduces best Shopify stores. 

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