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Shopify in 2021: Year in Review by Shopgram

This year has been no exception to the eCommerce industry’s constant evolution. In 2021, Shopify Merchants are building and/or enhancing their eCommerce companies more than ever before to meet customers where they are. While it may appear that everything in eCommerce is changing.

At Shopgram, we are passionate about Shopify data and how it can help merchants and others help with their business endeavors.

We analyzed Shopify data in 2021 we had on Shopgram and narrowed down some of our studies to three parts: Countries with most new Shopify stores, Most Improved Stores, and Most Popular Categories.

Countries with most new Shopify stores

On Shopgram, we use various ways to find countries of each store, some of which include:

  • The currencies used on each store
  • The ‘countryCode’ in the HTML header
  • Alexa’s country data
  • TLDs of each store

We looked into more than 1.2 Million Active Shopify stores (By active, this would mean stores that have an available product on their website) and extracted which countries they were from.

Country Store Count Percentage List of Stores
United States of America 163297 55.93%
United Kingdom 29526 10.11%
Canada 20852 7.14%
Australia 18105 6.20%
France 9135 3.13%
Germany 8032 2.75%
India 5553 1.90%
Italy 5114 1.75%
Japan 4918 1.68%
Mexico 4498 1.54%
Spain 3708 1.27%
Netherlands 3213 1.10%
New Zealand 3094 1.06%
Hong Kong 2811 0.96%
Singapore 2759 0.94%
Philippines 2666 0.91%
Chile 2372 0.81%
South Africa 2336 0.80%


See the full Google sheet of data here.

 Most Improved Shopify Stores

E-commerce has seen a boom in activity and new customers as a result of the pandemic. For the sake of their employees’ safety, many firms were forced to close their physical shops and place them on furlough. For some customers, shopping online has become a necessity, especially if they belong to at-risk groups. They, like your company’s employees, must maintain their health.

On Shopgram, we use various ways to look into how any Shopify store is doing by looking into various stats such as the number of their products, their Alexa rank and more.

Here is a list of Shopify eCommerce stores that grew the most in 2021:


Store Growth in 2021
Ranking Changes 629.44% 15648 538.09% 54998 474.50% 55754 432.27% 74191 387.97% 33424 344.74% 604347 307.93% 80723 303.04% 484932 239.67% 50578 233.79% 71305 216.92% 62364 207.76% 76012 206.26% 72417 202.33% 111886 202.24% 58143 195.14% 45371 184.79% 38274 170.28% 52839 170.07% 35241

See the full Google sheet of data here.

Top Shopify Product Categories

A product category is a collection of connected products with comparable qualities. Product category marketing is concerned with promoting specific product categories in order to meet customer expectations.

Whether you’re a brand new Shopify store beginning your research or an experienced Shopify vet, it can be difficult to figure out which product category to focus on.

On Shopgram, we crawl all the products listed on active Shopify stores with more than 35 million Shopify products. You can find suppliers (if dropshipped), their pricing, and more on Shopgram’s product page.

Here is a list of what Shopify categories were the most popular in 2021:


Category Product Count Percentage
Clothing 3171049 26.64%
Home & Garden 1415860 11.89%
Jewelry & Watches 1121895 9.43%
Health & Beauty 983844 8.27%
Fashion Accessories 960368 8.07%
Food & Beverages 662633 5.57%
Shoes 383074 3.22%
Sporting Goods 361716 3.04%
Art 313178 2.63%

See the full Google sheet of data here.

Some Cool notes about these data:

  • Tajikistan and Vanuatu each had one new Shopify store.
  • The Spanish-speaking countries had the most growth in the number of their stores, E.G. Shopify stores in Peru doubled up in 2021 compared to 2020.
  • The top 4 countries with the most Shopify stores are still the US, UK, Australia, and Canada and they are still far ahead.
  • Japan had more than 4,900 new stores, the number before 2021 was 3,683 which is a massive upgrade.
  • Some stores have multiple TLDs and we looked into all of them to generate this data (e.g. Floordirect)
  • Most of these stores as you see are from international brands and have 2500+ products in their inventory
  • The US had the highest share of Most improved Shopify stores

Want more info or a deep dive into a certain Shopify data? Let us know in the comments!

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