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A message for Shopgram Community

If you’ve been one of our valuable Shopgram visitors in the past year, you may have seen valuable additions every month you checked into Shopgram, but this one is the biggest by far. Let’s take a sit and see how we have decided to improve Shopgram to its finest.

Our Journey

Our new journey started a year ago when our team launched Shopgram. The idea for Shopgram came about when we noticed a large majority of these two audiences:

A) Many of our friends who were Shopify partners and had trouble getting in touch with Shopify store owners.

B) Marketers and Agencies who wanted to know about Shopify store owners and how they can find them.

It took us many workdays to create a presentable product for the market. This goal was almost impossible to achieve without each and every one of our teammates- the true power of Shopgram.

Finally, It was done! We crawled around 750K stores and millions of products that were on Shopify and got some valuable data to share with the world. But we needed to test it first so we started showing it to some early innovators and they absolutely loved it!

The filtering of products and stores was working seamlessly and everything was getting ready to launch!

Shopgram V1.0 🚀

So we decided to showcase our product on ProductHunt, a place where most innovators hang out, and it was well-received.
We started gathering feedback on what features customers are most interested in and how we can improve the product for them after gaining an initial boost in traffic.

Our team conducted a lot of surveys and interviews with countless merchants and store owners, which led us to add a few cool new features:

Social media info and links: When we crawled the sites, social media information and links were not visible at first, but the users showed interest, so we added it.

Dropshipping info: We included dropshipping information as well since many of the users were dropshippers looking for suppliers, competitors, prices, and more.

More than 1.2 Million Shopify stores: Our crawling didn’t stop and we have updated our list of Shopify stores from 750 thousand to more than 1.2 Million Shopify stores and with new Shopify stores added to our dataset each month!

Shopify theme Detection: The backbone of a Shopify store, lots of Shopify merchants were looking for ways to find other Shopify store’s themes, so we rolled up the sleeves and found what theme each Shopify store is using.

Shopify Product Distribution: We’ve always been passionate about what artificial intelligence can help eCommerce stores across the world, and now you can see which product categories (Clothing, Jewelry, Gardening, etc.) each store operates in with a distribution of its products.

Product Pricing: We have a comprehensive Ai system that detects similar products across all Shopify stores and made it available to public. With this cool feature, eCommerce store owners and dropshippers could decide what their pricing will look like.

Contact details: Every Shopify store has a means of connection, whether it’s an email or social media link, that was added as well for better use of Shopgram to gather insights about Shopify stores.

Data we gathered and reports on Shopify and dropshipping were well received by you and as a result of this success, Statista partnered with us and published some of their data studies based on the Shopgram data.
The data that we provided was featured on Statista, and eight of our studies about Shopify, dropshipping, and geographic locations of stores were published there.

How our journey in Shopgram is going

Our team has always been trying to optimize the product for you. From the first day, we have been trying to provide you with easier access to the Shopify data that is the result of the genuine efforts of the Shopgram team.
Also, you asked us for a way to download the data and analysis from the website many times.

The good news is we are adding this feature and many more exciting features to Shopgram on the Report page.

This is how the new page is going to look like. To be honest, we are so excited about sharing it with you and knowing what you think.
With the new report page, a few plans are going to be added to Shopgram as well. So based on your needs, you can buy one of these fair plans and extract that specific part of data that can be useful for you.

How? Using the filters available on the Report page. As Shopgram has always been, we tried to make this part easy to figure out, too. Just check the categories you want from the drop-down lists, such as country, currency, social media, determine the limitation of products and Alexa rank, and generate your optimized report.

Here’s a quick video that explains how it works:

But this is not all. If you want to keep this report for yourself, just click on Save and download button to receive an email with your report’s file.

The whole process doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

What the future holds…

Our journey does not stop here. The Shopgram team believes that there is always room for improvement and we will never stop looking for the rooms!

From our community to our team to our investors, thanks to everyone who has been a part of Shopgram’s journey over the past year and helped us get this far. We truly couldn’t do it without you, and we hope we can keep your company for what is ahead of us.
As an African proverb says: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” and we want to go far of course.


Your friend @ Shopgram


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